The most important thing for your WordPress site

Which WordPress Hosting?

We love speed and work on different platforms of the respective hosting providers. Ourselves use for our own projects; Dedicated or Virtual Private servers, but this is not required for most websites. Our experience brings you the right provider for the right reactivity. Promised! We offer you

  • Analysis of the resources requirements
  • Selection guide of the right provider
  • Administration of your hosting packages
  • WordPress administration
  • and many more …
Wordpress Webseite erstellen lassen
Important factors when choosing the right

WordPress hosting provider

Only the perfect interaction of various factors such as content, design & SEO, brings the hoped-for success for your own WordPress homepage. The base (the web server) must work correctly !

Plug-ins / modules

Adaptation & optimization of WordPress

WordPress offers many free extensions, but not all are as useful as you would like them to be. Changes are always tedious, so they have to be the right plug-ins. Rewrite functions for the web server are essential.

GDPR compliant

Not only a rule it can be expensive …

if you are not ready to deal with this topic. It is important for your own website that the hosting provider is also GDPR compliant. It is therefore advisable to only use certified providers with a proven commitment to data protection.

Design templates

Free or paid template? Existing or new template?

No matter what template you use, your WordPress site should deliver a clean and optimized source code, lightning fast, to the visitor. This improves the ranking of your page in the search results.

SEO + marketing

The tricks of the hosting provider

A minifier for CSS & JavaScript and the use of Mod_Deflate or GZIP only costs 9.95 € a month. Your website can also do this for € 0.00, if you get advice on choosing the right hosting provider. We are happy to help you.

More Power for WordPress?

Managed WP Core

As an alternative set-up we offer you a system specially optimized for performance and search engines with incredible performance for your WordPress website. A sample server on KVM Linux:

  • CPU: 8x 3.2 Ghz Intel Xenon
  • 30 GB – DDR 4 ECC-RAM
  • Ultra-Fast Server SSD 1 TB
  • Connection up to 200 gigabits
  • max. 600Megabit/WP

Prices on request & configuration

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